बेगखोला झो.पू निर्माणका निम्ती वोलपत्र आहाव्न गरिएको सूचना

Invitation for Bids

Government of Nepal (GoN)

Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development



Invitation for Bids for the Fabrication, Supply and Construction of Trail Bridges through Construction Turnkey Packages

Contract Identification No: CTP- DDC/Myagdi/NCB/BESB/02(072/73)
Date of publication: 2072/11/16


  1. The Government of Nepal [GoN] has allocated funds towards availed from GOV to DDC forTrail Bridge Program and intends to apply part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the Contract for Fabrication, Supply and Construction of Beg khola Trail Bridges over beg khola through Construction Turnkey Package (CTP) with Contract Identification No.:CTP-  DDC/Myagdi/NCB/BESB/02(072/73)

. Bidding is open to all eligible Nepalese Bidders.


  1. DDC myagdi invites sealed bids or electronic bids from eligible bidders for Fabrication, Supply and construction of Beg Khola Trail Bridges under National Competitive Bidding procedures.

  1. Eligible Bidders may obtain further information and inspect the Bidding Documents at the office

OfDDCMyagdi, , telephone no.069520144/069520530/, Fax no.: 069520144 and e-mail address: ict.ddcmyagdi@gmail.com).  The Fabricators may visits thePPMO′swebsitewww.bolpatra.gov.np.


  1. A complete set of Bidding Documents may be purchased from the office of DDC Myagdi by eligible Bidders on the submission
    of a written application, along with the copy of company/firm registration certificate, and upon
    payment of a non-refundable fee given in below table till 2072/12/15.


Bidder who chooses to submit their bid electronically may purchase the hard copy of the bidding documents as mentioned above or may down load the bidding documents for e-submission from PPMO’s Web Site www.bolpatra.gov.np. Bidders, submitting their bid electronically,  should  deposit  the  cost(as  specified  above)  of  bidding  document  in  the Project’s  Rajaswa (revenue)  account  as  specified  below  and  the  scanned  copy  (pdf format)  of  the  Bank  deposit  voucher  shall  be  uploaded  by  the  bidder  at  the  time  of electronic submission of the bids. Information to deposit the cost of bidding document in Bank:

Information to deposit the cost of bidding document in Bank:

Name of the Bank: Nepal Bank Limited, Beni, Myagdi

Name of Office: District Development Committe, Beni, Myagdi

Bank Code no. 057, Office Account no.No063030000312 (Dharauti)

  1. Pre-bid meeting shall be held at office of Office of District Development Committee, BeniMyagdi2072/12/05at 2.00 PM.
  2. Sealed or electronic bids must be submitted to the Office of DDC Myagdiby hand/courier or through PPMO website www.bolpatra.gov.np on or before 12.00 noon on 2072/12/16. Bids received after this deadline will be rejected.
  3. The bids will be opened in the presence of Bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at 1.00PMon 2072/12/16at the office of DDC Myagdi. Bids must be valid for a period of 90 days after bid opening and bid securitywhich shall be valid for 30 days beyond the bid validity period of the bid.i.e(90+30=120 days).
  4. If the specified date of pre-bid meeting the last date of  purchasing and /or submission falls on a government holiday, then the next working day shall be considered as the last date. In such case the validity period of the bid security shall remain the same as specified for the original last date of bid submission.


  1. The bidder to be eligible to bid must meet the (following key qualification. average annual turnover ,minimum work experience of similar nature.) Also the price for tender document , bid security amount are given in the following table.

Contract No. Description of Works Span/type Average Annual constructionTurnover of the best 3 years over the last 5 years Minimum Work experienceof similar nature Price for Tender Document (Nrs.) Bid Security Amount Estimated Amount (without VAT) Remarks


a)Fabrication of steel parts, transportation, construction and erection of

Beg Khola suspended Bridge , Myagdi

365.80/ D  56235000.00 Participation as Prime contractor, management contractor, or subcontractor, in at least 2 (two)Long Span Trail Bridge (Span > 120m) contracts within the last ten (10) years,  with One Trail Bridge has a value of at least NRs22490000 of one Trail Bridge that have been successfully or are substantially completed. 3000 703000.00

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